Open Interest Analyst (OIA) is the only tool available that provides a daily report on the interaction of price, volume and open interest for commodities and currency futures. Each day, we analyze the previous day’s trading based upon price, volume, and open interest (P-V-OI). We interpret this to provide a tactical framework that is indispensable for trading commodities. Obtaining fundamental information on commodities is relatively easy and it is important that speculators are grounded in basic commodity supply and demand fundamentals. However, once this information has been integrated, the question remains: how does the speculator trade the market? Open Interest Analyst solves this dilemma by interpreting the interaction of P-V-OI, which enables clients to understand the ever-changing dynamic of supply and demand for futures contracts. The key to our trade recommendations is OIA’s proprietary Buy and Sell signals. They provide clients with the parameters necessary to stay on the right side of the trade and exit ahead of the crowd. Our interpretation of market activity is based upon hard data, regardless of the prevailing bullish or bearish narrative that passes for conventional wisdom. If we see activity that suggests a change in trend, or a possible top or bottom, the daily report documents data that supports our opinion. In short, OIA is the indispensable utility that tracks and interprets the collective behavior of market participants.